Gloucester Childrens Hooded Sweater

Price: $58.00

Gloucester Knitting

Made in the USA; Gloucester Knitting is a small company anchored in Gloucester, Massachusetts, the home of the Gloucester Fisherman. They are committed to producing sweaters and related products made from among the finest cotton grown and spun.  Products are made in the U.S.A. and will provide the end user with a long and useful life. The flagship product of Gloucester Knitting is the Fisherman Knit Sweater. These good looking and rugged sweaters have soft and buttery hand as a result of the fine quality yarn, soft enough for the newborn in the family.
This beautiful sweater can be gift wrapped and sent anywhere to welcome a new baby in the family, shower gift or anytime a little one needs to be warm.  Perfect for in between seasons.
100% Cotton in natural color with easy care directions.
Zips up back

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